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How It Works

HomyzePro is a complete solution for all your property maintenance needs.

Whether you need a system to handle out of hours tenant communication – either by phone or email – or want a fully outsourced property management solution, HomyzePro can help.

We will triage your tenant requests to avoid unnecessary spend; use your preferred contractors or provide access to the HomyzePro network if you need additional coverage; act based on either account (or property) spend limits and escalation procedures and most importantly keep you updated throughout the process from reporting to resolution via your portal. You can also tailor your notification settings if needed in order to stay on top of work orders and spend.

It’s property maintenance made simple.

24/7 Outsourced Maintenance

HomyzePro can provide you a complete solution, from issue reporting through to performance. It’s ‘Maintenance as a Service’.

Use your account to get access to real time data and analytics; ensuring that your maintenance works are being handled in the most cost effective manner possible.

Contractor Solution

If you need a general or specialist contractor to handle one or multiple trades, HomyzePro can help.

With tradespeople across all disciplines – from plumbing and heating through to lift maintenance and access controls – Homyze can fill a hole in your contractor framework or be a complete solution.

Order Management

By uploading your own tradespeople, you can route work orders to either a segment of the contractor network or make the work available to all providers.

With the ability to segment work orders at either site or account level, you can create tailored lists of suppliers based on your contracted relationships.

Maintenance Evaluation

When you start using the HomyzePro system you will be able to get real time feedback on the performance of contractors.

See first time fix rate or average spend by job type, broken down by contractor or property. This allows you to identify areas of inefficiency or opportunities to save you and your clients’ money.


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