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The A-B-C of PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance)

The best place to start is with definitions. PPM stands for Planned Preventative Maintenance, though it may also be called planned or scheduled maintenance. And that is the easy stuff out of the way.    One of the issues with discussing PPM is that in most instances it is case-specific. [...]

Lessons from MIPIM 2019

So, MIPIM has come and gone once more. And whilst the week was punctuated by updates of what was happening in the Brexit debacle, thankfully there was enough activity, excitement and substantive discussion taking place in Cannes that it was merely a conversational aside rather than a dominant theme of [...]


I remember when I first moved to New York (from London, to which I had moved from Sydney) in 2004 that one of the most striking things about the American economy was the specialisation of services. Like most apartments in New York, the one into which I was moving was [...]